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Becoming a mirror site

Becoming a Postfix mirror site

In order to have your Postfix mirror site listed on the Postfix web site, please send mail to that answers the following questions.

Please note: Wietse often saves up the website updates for a week or more before going through them.

  • Timeliness: specify your mirroring frequency. Use a mirroring procedure that:

    • runs as a CRON job
    • runs least once a day.
  • Accuracy: specify what mirroring software will you be using. Use mirroring software that:

    • downloads only the new files
    • removes all files that no longer exist on the primary server.

    Free catalog

    Wietse's preferred mirroring utility is at

  • What: specify what files you are going to mirror:

    • source code: ftp:/
    • web pages: ftp:/
  • Where: specify at what URLs the information will be made available.

  • Location: specify what city/country should be listed on the Postfix web site.