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Postfix Mailing Lists

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On-line postfix-* mailing list archives

Subscriptions to and related mailing lists

  • Send mail to with content (not subject):
    [un]subscribe postfix-announce [ you@domain.tld ]
    [un]subscribe postfix-users [ you@domain.tld ]
    [un]subscribe postfix-users-digest [ you@domain.tld ]
    [un]subscribe postfix-devel [ you@domain.tld ]

    Note: you do not need to specify the [ and ] or the text between them.

  • READ-ONLY list for announcements of Postfix releases and updates.

    Open subscription, no posting.

  • General discussions about the use of and experiences with the Postfix mail system.

    Open subscription, unmoderated posting by members only.

  • daily mailing of articles that were sent out via the postfix-users mailing list.

    Open subscription, no posting.

  • for people who design, implement or maintain Postfix source code. NOT for questions, problem reports and feature requests; tresspassers will be removed from the mailing list.

    Open subscription, unmoderated posting by members only.