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Postfix Add-on Software

To have information listed on this page, please send mail to The information listed here is maintained by the respective authors. It is listed without formal evaluation, in other words, no implied warranty of any kind.

starttls + ipv6 PGP/SMIME gateways policy servers/libraries open proxy/relay detection before smtp auth certified email configuration/user mgt virus/spam content filters faxmail list managers logfile analysis lookup tables pop/imap webmail package mgt autoreply quota miniature clients other

This page lists tools, add-ons and howtos by subject. Just to be clear on what I am talking about, here is a brief definition of the terminology that is used below:

  • Utility, system - requires no change to Postfix source code.
  • Patch - requires making changes to Postfix source code.
  • Howto - examples of using add-on software with Postfix.


STARTTLS and IPv6 support is being integrated as part of the Postfix 2.2 development cycle.

PGP/SMIME Gateways

Free catalog

Policy servers/libraries

  • gld greylist server with MySQL database by Salim Gasmi.
  • gps greylist policy server in C++ using MySql, Postgres, or SQLite by Michael Moritz.
  • smtpd-policy-template skeleton policy server in Perl by Michael Tokarev.
  • Postgrey greylist policy server in Perl by David Schweikert.
  • policyd policy server in C which provides greylisting, sender throttling (on mail messages/size per hour) and spamtraps by Cami.
  • libspf library and patch.
  • libspf2 patch by Dean Strik.

Note: Postfix already ships with SPF support, in the form of a plug-in policy daemon. This is the preferred integration model, at least until SPF is mandated by standards.

Open relay/proxy detection

  • grinch utility by Daniel Mack. On request by Postfix, it finds out if a host is an open mail relay and caches the result.
  • proxycheck open proxy detection utility by Michael Tokarev. Some additional scripting is required to integrate with Postfix.

Before SMTP authentication

Certified email

Configuration/user management

  • Postfix enabler utility for Mac OS X. Sets up SMTP, POP3, IMAP, SSL support, SASL (client or server).
  • Web Based Management tool for Postfix, Cyrus IMAP, and MySQL or PostgreSQL by Luc de Louw.
  • Postfix Admin a Web Based Management tool for Virtual Domains and Virtual Users that are stored in MySQL.
  • webmin system has a Postfix configuration module.
  • webmin system documentation.
  • tequila ( backup link) system for Postfix configuration management, including mail forwarding and autoreply.
  • postfixmanager user management tool for Postfix by Genco YILMAZ.
  • BASH script for automatic completion of postconf commands by Carsten Hoeger.

Virus/SPAM content filters

  • Xamime email content management system.
  • Postfix+Amavis+ClamAV+Spamassassin howto by Tobias Rice.
  • renattach rename or delete attachments by file name or file type, by Jem Berkes. Beware: prior to version 1.2.2 the "-p" or "--pipe" command-line option is not safe and may result in munged addresses.
  • spampd spam filtering, transparent SMTP/LMTP proxy using SpamAssassin, in Perl by Maxim Paperno.
  • amavisd-new utility, a high-performance interface between MTA and virus/SPAM scanners.
  • Anti-spam gateway howto using OpenBSD, Postfix, amavisd-new, SpamAssassin, Razor and DCC.
  • SpamAssassin mail labeling system.
  • per-user SpamAssassin filtering by Mikko Pikarinen.
  • amavisd-new/Razor/SpamAssassin setup tutorial by Scott Henderson.
  • amavis system, works with Postfix and other MTAs.
  • mailscanner system, works with Postfix and other MTAs. This uses unsupported methods to manipulate Postfix queue files, and there are multiple reports of message duplication and/or delivery of truncated messages.
  • avcheck utility by Michael Tokarev. Interfaces to several virus scanning engines.
  • sophie system, works with Postfix and other MTAs.
  • maildrop howto by Matthias Andree. The maildrop delivery agent is part of the Courier mail server software.
  • anomy email sanitizer system.
  • anomy howto by Derrick Webber.
  • avpcheck howto by Ralf Hildebrandt.
  • smtpprox generic SMTP filtering proxy by Bennett Todd.
  • Vexira MailArmor virus scanner, works with Postfix on Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD.
  • procmail howto for sanitizing email by John D. Hardin.
  • crm114 mail content inspection system.
  • crm114 Postfix howto by Eugene Borukhovich.
  • Tagged Message Delivery Agent (TMDA) by Jason R. Mastaler, a system that requires unknown senders to send confirmation before they are put on a whitelist.
  • html-trap utility by Samuel Seay for procmail-based content filtering.

  • Postfix Anti-UCE Cheat-Sheet by Jim Seymour.
  • UCE and other howtos by Ralf Hildebrandt.
  • ORDB (open relay database) configuration tips.
  • Per-user UCE controls patch by Jozsef Kadlecsik.
  • RBL+ howto by Furio Ercolessi; uses Jozsef Kadlecsik's patch.
  • RBL analysis tools by Craig Sanders.
  • concierge utility by Rich Graves. Analyses Postfix logs and sends mail to users whose mail was rejected by Postfix content filtering.

FaxEmail software

  • FaxmimumFax Messaging Server (FMS) integrates with Postfix and other MTAs and provides email-to-fax and fax-to-email gateways.

List managers

Logfile analysis

Lookup tables

  • pam lookup table by Andrew I Baznikin; for example, use this to implement local_recipient_maps with RADIUS.
  • cidr2abc utility by Gjermund Sorseth to convert arbitary net/mask patterns into octet based patterns such as used in Postfix access maps.
  • NIS+ patch by Geoff Gibbs.
  • cdb patch by Michael Tokarev.
  • tinycdb Michael Tokarev's own CDB implementation.
  • Mysql howto by Daniel V. Pedersen. Uses the Postfix virtual(8) delivery agent.

POP/IMAP servers

For howto documents, see Howtos and FAQs.

  • perdition system is a smart POP/IMAP proxy that connects users to the "right" POP/IMAP server.
  • Cyrus IMAP system implements IMAP, POP3, and KPOP, later versions also support TLS. This software implements its own private mail database system. Not for beginners.
  • vmail admin a set of PHP and PERL scripts for administering virtual domains on a pop toaster that uses Postfix, Postfix virtual or Courier IMAP, and MYSQL.
  • Courier-Imap system provides POP3 and IMAP, and supports access over SSL. This software supports the maildir-style mailbox format only (one message per file, same format as qmail).
  • Qpopper system supports POP3, TLS (SSL), and uses the traditional UNIX-style mailbox format (multiple messages per file, each message starts with "From sender date...").


Package management

  • Solaris utility to create Postfix installable packages.

Autoreply software

  • yaa! (yet another autoresponder) autoreply utility by Branko Grac. This can run as a one-time command at the end of a pipe, or as a resident server.
  • Autoreply system architecture by Joshua E. Warchol. You still need to provide the PERL script that does the actual responding.
  • gnarwl autoreply utility by Patrick Ahlbrecht. This uses LDAP instead of .forward+vacation.

Quota software

  • Per-user mailbox quota patch by Keith Stevenson. Not part of Postfix because it does not work with maildir files and because users with .forward files can bypass quota restrictions.
  • PostmMon Postfix Mail Box Monitor by Eduardo Mendes and Ricardo Malafaia. This sends mail notifications when a user has too much mail.
  • Postfix virtual delivery agent patches with additional features including quota by Anderson Nadal.

Miniature client software

  • mini_sendmail utility by Jef Poskanzer, a minimal program to submit mail over SMTP, for example, from a chrooted WWW server.
  • nbSMTP (no-brainer SMTP) utility by Fernando Jose Pereda Garcimartin.

Other software